Organizational structure


– The Board of Directors sets out strategies, orientations, operational policies, and business development.

– The Board of Directors is responsible for developing plans based on the orientations, strategies, and policies given by the Board of Directors, then the Board of Directors will approve those plans for the Board of Directors to implement.

– The Board of Directors decentralizes and decentralizes authority as much as possible on the general principle that the Board of Directors will carry out the executive tasks at their units. (During the initial period of implementation, the Board of Directors may appoint people or directly train and assist the Board of Directors of member units to organize the organization into order).

– The Board of Directors uses its specialized departments to inspect and supervise the implementation of strategies, orientations, policies, plans, and targets that it has approved for each facility and subordinate unit.

– Annually, the Board of Directors will hold member meetings for each member unit to re-evaluate the results of production and business activities of each unit. On that basis, the Board of Directors will make decisions on strategic human resource planning, reward, and punishment, staff rotation, etc., to promote the talents of officials and purge those who are weak and lack moral qualities.