AMACCAO PIPE’s concrete pipe factory still holds the top position in the northern region. The factory has invested in research and development activities to create new molds, improve production lines, and increase capacity by 10-15%. It has also diversified its product range, with the ability to produce up to 1,000 different types of products, ranging from common to specialized ones.

AMACCAO PIPE is capable of supplying concrete pipe materials for a wide range of major projects nationwide, spanning the three main areas transportation infrastructure, urban infrastructure, and industrial infrastructure. It meets the diverse needs of both domestic and foreign contractors, including companies such as Vietnam Airport Corporation (ACV), Vingroup, FLC, Sunshine, Viglacera, Bim Group, Xuan Thanh Keangnam Group, Hyundai, Ghella, Formosa, Mitsubishi, Tokyu, and more.

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