Core values

Concrete plant always adhere AMACCAO 08 following values:

· Value 1: Social Responsibility
Social responsibilities associated with quality products and services.

· Value 2: Development of the Company for personal development
All members are all working passion, teamwork because the prosperous development of the company, the same benefits under the motto “Water floating duckweed floating” – “The company develops, each member of the Company development “.

· Value 3: Personal Development Company to develop
No one can develop without the development of his association with an organization or an institution.
Not a development organization is if each individual in the organization that are not developed.
We facilitate and support, training and retraining to all individuals have the best chance for their development, from which to grow the Company.

· Value 4: Always make a difference
Always make a difference and uniqueness of products and services that the company offers, such as creating new value, create new products of better quality and lower cost than … associated with the motto “The main difference is our own personality. “

· Value 5: Be honest and frank
That is the standard we behave with each other and with the parties. This keeps us sustainability and development.

· Value 6: Creation towards better ones
“Always think there is another method to do better, faster and more economical” – This is the motto of our creativity, so the quality and efficiency of our “Today is always better than yesterday and tomorrow is always better than today. “

· Value 7: Always know where you are
Business owners are always self-standing enterprise know where, what, the next step development strategy how and how long?
All members are aware that they are in any position, in any role is to behave properly and always know where your are doing and do their job well.

· Value 8: Respect for individual rights and mutual interest
We respect human rights, to respect the privacy of every individual.

We are like a big family, always identified with gatecrash one roof and have the responsibility to nurture the family to the development and coexistence.