Update the progress of Lien Ha Thai project

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Lien Ha Thai Industrial Park is the first industrial park in Thai Binh Economic Zone to be implemented in Thuy Lien commune and Diem Dien town, the investor is Green I-Park Joint Stock Company. The objective of the project is to invest in the construction and business of industrial park infrastructure, the land use scale is 588.84 ha, the total investment capital is 3,885 billion VND, of which the investor’s contributed capital is 600 billion VND. copper. The project implementation period is 50 years from the date of issuance of the decision on investment policy.

Project information

  • Investor: Green I-Park Joint Stock Company
  • Address: Thuy Lien commune and Diem Dien town, Thai Binh province
  • Investment capital: 3,885 billion VND
  • Land use scale: 588.84 ha

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AMACCAO PIPE is the culvert supplier for Lien Ha Thai industrial park project, Thai Thuy district, Thai Binh province. As of July 15, the project has started construction for 1 month. All stages are rushed to ensure the progress and goals that the project has set.
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