Revealing how to create the number 1 AMACCAO sewers in the North

cách tạo nên những chiếc cống AMACCAO

Famous as the number 1 concrete culvert brand in the North, before becoming a solid foundation for all projects, how are AMACCAO culverts manufactured?

AMACCAO owns 12 concrete culvert production lines imported CBU from Germany, each line is worth more than 2 million EURO. With this system of modern machines and lines, AMACCAO can produce round culverts with diameters from 300 up to 3000mm.

cách tạo nên những chiếc cống amaccao

The special feature that makes AMACCAO round culverts solid and durable over time is the production of special steel cages.

The whole process of making steel cages is automated and mechanized. Therefore, the time to make steel cages is very fast, only takes about 3 to 6 minutes. Meanwhile, if done with manual method, it can take up to half a day to complete 1 or 2 steel cages. Not to mention we use cold rolled steel, so it’s more economical to use hot rolled steel.

cách tạo nên những chiếc cống amaccao
With such automation technology, it is possible to produce round and even steel cage products, the steel spokes, the steel steps are very solid, so the bearing capacity of the steel cage is very good.
AMACCAO culverts, after being finished, are transported to construction sites to fulfill their obligations, becoming a solid foundation for projects from infrastructure, low-rise to high-rise.
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