Concrete, majestic silence

Never have I thought that there would be a day when the silent and emotionless concrete blocks would attract me to the place where it was born. Before, I never thought about what was done to the boulevards, the bridges, the buildings, the runways…

Only when entering AMACCAO group, the things that are thought to be always silent and difficult to feel will appear fully and full of emotions. One of them is concrete products of AMACCAO corporation.

I’m really embarrassed because it feels ‘uncharacteristic’ to say romantic, ambiguous things in the middle of a giant concrete factory operating around the clock. But immediately, I understood. Because I have known and written the previous articles; It is mentioned that what drives AMACCAO Group is the desire for beauty, the love for people and the products they make. Because of that, the leaders of AMACCAO Group and I may not have met and shared many things. When visiting a concrete factory in Ha Nam with an area of ​​18 hectares and continuing to be opened. wide, I was surprised when a leader of AMACCAO Group invited me to have a literary talk with the factory’s officials, engineers and workers before giving me a tour of the factory.

For the first time, I entered the concrete world that I call ‘the world of silence’. Concrete doesn’t speak but AMACCAO Group’s concrete products are talking to me in all their ways. The concrete factory in Ha Nam is the second concrete production facility of AMACCAO Group.

Before, I also witnessed the production of concrete but always felt “odd”. That is to say, it does not create any inspiration about a modern industry of the world. But the concrete factory in Henan opened up a world. It is necessary to use the word “one world” to be able to say the dimension of concrete production here with space, technology, machinery, technical level, output, prestige…

Compared to other concrete production units in the country, AMACCAO Ha Nam’s concrete factory is still very young. But AMACCAO’s precast concrete products have become the Top 1 products in the market.

The three main production segments of Ha Nam concrete are concrete round piles, PC components, and concrete sewer pipes. And AMACCAO started putting a new factory into operation to manufacture important components for Hanoi’s Metro Line 1. This is the first product in the North that AMACCAO with its brand has conquered large construction units such as Ghella, Italy and Hyundai Korea and many large domestic projects using AMACCAO’s concrete products. ; such as Hai Duong thermal power plant, Hoa Phat project, Samsung Thai Nguyen factories; Samsung Bac Ninh, Sungroup project… Having studied AMACCAO Group for a while, I have discovered the way for AMACCAO’s products to grow and grow quickly. That is the mindset of the Group’s leaders such as having a strategic view on the development of the country and the group, having a pioneering view on technology and engineering, having a will for a brand. Vietnamese and has a huge financial background.

Only when coming to AMACCAO did I hear the term “Glass Reinforced Concrete”, PP fiber reinforced concrete (Polypropylene Fiber Reinforced Concrete)”. Of course, for someone who doesn’t do this job, I have to sympathize with my “stunned”. It made me start to take a different look at the irrelevant things in life. That everywhere and in everything there are secrets of it. No matter how rich my imagination is, I can’t imagine the “fiberglass” or “polymer fiber” lying in giant concrete blocks that seem unbreakable.

AMACCAO is a corporation that always aspires to conquer high-tech products and glass fiber reinforced concrete, polymer fiber reinforced concrete is a convincing proof of this group.

Glass fiber reinforced concrete (GRC) is the only advanced technology currently in the world that AMACCAO has cooperated with the UK. AMACCAO is the only enterprise in Vietnam that succeeds with this special technology. This is the only successful product in the world and has been used to build Viettinbank’s tower. Many large domestic and even foreign enterprises such as Korea, coming to Vietnam, cannot implement this technology.

With passion, determination and, of course, superior technology, AMACCAO Group’s Ha Nam concrete factory has produced 10m long and wide fiberglass reinforced concrete slabs. up to 2.5m. If you have a little knowledge of the profession, you will find that fiberglass reinforced concrete products with length, width and precision tolerances are only 1mm/length 10m such that requires a technique and how difficult other conditions come.

That’s all, you have to admit to me it’s become a fantasy product. With such a requirement, no contractor in the North can do it without the technical, financial, and scale capacity… and an extremely high level of skill and great responsibility. The people that AMACCAO has worked hard to train. There is an extremely complex product that Ha Nam Concrete Factory has succeeded in, which is casting precast segments for ships. Underground. This product has extremely high technical requirements and the permissible error is extremely small up to 0.05 mm. With this error requirement, it shows how complex and precise the product’s requirements are. But AMACCAO did it perfectly. Indeed, with a tolerance of only 0.05, I have a feeling that it is an error only for the production of watches or sophisticated machines, not products that are concrete blocks.

That’s why Korean contractors and Ghella Italy contractors chose AMACCAO’s products. That reality has proved AMACCAO’s special ability in its development history.

The most important feature of the German machinery system is always operating at the highest level of stability. Therefore, the products made always ensure the highest quality and accuracy. In the past, people used centrifugal technology, which meant using wet concrete in the production of sewers. This technology is both slow, low output and poor quality product. I have read books and watched movies about giant sewer lines in European cities. At that time I thought only Europe or America could make these products. But now I have witnessed the miracle in my own country. With concrete culvert products, right from the start of production of this product, AMACCAO does not go from low to step by step upgrading, but immediately steps into applying the most advanced and modern technology in the world and immediately choose German machinery system. It is the highest quality machine system in the world today.

But AMACCAO is the pioneer to bring the most advanced technology to Vietnam. It is the technology of using dry concrete. Using wet concrete takes a long time to cure, dry and the quality of the product depends on the weather. Therefore, the accuracy and quality of the product face many problems. But the technology of using dry concrete has solved all the limitations of the technology of using wet concrete.

Someone asked what is the secret to making AMACAO concrete brand? This is a secret but it may not be a secret when it is deciphered by AMACCAO experts, which is the use of the most modern production lines in the world in terms of manufacturing technology of sewer pipes imported from technical powers in the world such as the Federal Republic of Germany, Italy and the United States. Just by looking at the market share of AMACCAO concrete culverts in the Northern market, one can understand the quality of AMACCAO concrete culverts that are possessed. What are the standards?

That is why AMACCAO concrete culvert has become the King of concrete culverts in Vietnam today.

When manufacturing concrete round pile products, AMACCAO has taken different steps right from choosing Korean machinery, equipment, and production lines (in Vietnam, there are only 2 pile production lines applying technology. Korea / a total of 40 lines; the unique feature is that the quality is uniform and the productivity is high because it is almost completely automated, so the quality can be controlled compared to the Chinese copy manual line). All such precise and effective steps are born from the most modern, strategic thinking and responsibility with the product made.

I realized the connection of each product with each person, from the leader to the worker of AMACCAO to create the seemingly silent world. In that harsh and insensitive world, you will see the beauty of the product, see the sustainability, see the passion and great responsibility for consumers, see the belief of the aspirations. and promises. There’s one thing I say that you probably won’t believe and think because I’m a poet, romance overwhelms reality. That’s when I walked in the middle of a “forest” of concrete products here with the explanations of the Group’s leaders, the factory leaders, I felt like I was walking in the middle of a world of strange beauties. . Decorative concrete slabs, decorative concrete columns, Dao river paving slabs, concrete columns, concrete culverts and other concrete products being manufactured or assembled on a large area The large volume of the factory creates an incredibly rich and dramatic rhythm of the product.

And at that time, the verse resounded in my mind: “Our hands make everything – Even if we have strength, stone can also become rice” (excerpted from Hoang Trung Thong’s Song of Broken Earth) and the words of the General Director of Xi Jinping. AMACCAO group is “Growing watermelons on gravel”. This quote contains everything that makes AMACCAO, AMACCAO’s and guides AMACCAO’s.

“Growing watermelons on gravel”. I like this quote because it shows an extraordinary human will but is filled with romance like a beautiful dream.

Writer Nguyen Quang Thieu (According to Vietnamnet newspaper)