AMACCAO supplies concrete sewer pipes to Hoang Mai Hanoi field hospital

AMACCAO is a supplier of concrete culverts for Hoang Mai field hospital, Hanoi. Products include concrete sewer pipe components, sewer base, and the entire manhole for the drainage system around the hospital.

Bệnh viện dã chiến hoàng mai hà nội

Hoang Mai Hanoi field hospital, which is being urgently built to treat COVID-19 patients located in the Hoang Mai district, is being rapidly built on a very large area. Estimated size from 500 – 700 beds. To ensure progress, 400 workers are working here 24/24. The hospital is expected to complete construction by the end of August. Although the required time is urgent because of the importance of the project, AMACCAO still ensures to complete and exceed the material supply schedule.

bệnh viện dã chiến hoàng mai hà nội
Panorama of Hoang Mai field hospital in Hanoi
bệnh viện dã chiến hoàng mai hà nội
Concrete culvert products are provided at the project