AMACCAO concrete culvert is as solid as stone, eternally durable

The field of concrete production was started in 2007, AMACCAO Group currently has two main concrete pipe manufacturers located in Hanoi and Ha Nam. Up to now, AMACCAO has become the No. 1 concrete pipe manufacturer in Vietnam.

When it comes to the field of concrete pipe production, many people still think that it is simple to create these products, because technology and techniques are not sophisticated. However, entering the AMACCAO factory, confirming the production process of concrete pipes, I realized that it is not simple. It is the combination of elite technology, along with the skilled and experienced staff in the AMACCAO factory.

Elite Technology

Mr. Nguyen Van Cuong – Deputy Technical Director of AMACCAO Concrete House shared: The core and secret to creating the AMACCAO concrete brand is the methodical investment, advancing to the most modern technology. More than 20 concrete production lines of AMACCAO are of the world’s leading technology, fully automatic, imported from the Federal Republic of Germany, Italy, and the United States with an investment capital of hundreds of millions of USD.

Servers of the Federal Republic of Germany such as OMAG MAGNUM or Pfeiffer are the world’s leading brands in vibrating concrete technology. This machine is perfectly complete, use the tech medium vibrating, Medium presses with high frequency. As a result, the core, middle, and small particles are evenly mixed and tightly pressed, as firmly as an artificial “stone block”. The process of vibrating and pressing has been calculated by experts, without stratification or tilling the components in concrete unlike centrifugal technology when spinning the cables will be stratified as concrete labels with the same distribution as together. The use of dry concrete allows AMACCAO sewer pipes to reach a much higher height, it is especially many times stronger than wet-wet technology as popular production in Vietnam today.

AMACCAO concrete culvert products

In parallel with the culvert, molding machine is automatic concrete batching plants, from feeding to adjustment, continuous transportation … helping the concrete slabs always achieve 99.99% accuracy, 100% guarantee. design label.

The stage of making steel cages is also fully automated, it only takes 3-6 minutes to complete a steel cage. While the manual method takes up to half a day to complete 1-2 pieces. With this technology, AMACCAO has created round and even steel cage products, so the bearing capacity is very good. Thanks to its fast production speed and large scale, AMACCAO always satisfies big investors such as Vingroup, Sungroup, Samsung, Tokyo, etc., and general contractors who both require high quality and large output with lightning speed.

Foreign experts directly check the quality of output products AMACCAO sewer


Other raw materials such as cement are purchased directly from Nghi Son and Tam Diep factories (manufactured by Japanese and Danish technology), which is bulk cement controlled by lead clamps for 60-ton trucks. factory certificate. The stone is crushed on Japanese technology, always ensuring the particle composition, as well as the standard size. Sand used is obtained from sources with high-quality, guaranteed modules. The steel used is cold rolled steel to increase high strength, imported and purchased from branded steel companies. This helps to reduce the volume and diameter while still meeting the requirements of the Institute of Transport Science and Technology, designed according to specialized standards.

Not only creating the number 1 quality concrete culvert product in Vietnam, AMACCAO always gives top priority to sustainable development. Products are always associated with saving resources and protecting the environment. Concrete sewer pipes using high-grade cement, reinforced cold-rolled steel allow saving resources from 15% to 20% compared to conventional materials, thereby reducing CO2 emissions, helping to reduce emissions. environment.

AMACCAO always focuses on investing in the most modern equipment and machinery

“With more than a decade of construction and development, AMACCAO Concrete Factory has trained a team of highly-skilled, well qualified, experienced workers. Along with modern technology, well-invested, thereby creating the number 1 prestigious brand in the country for concrete culvert products.” – Mr. Nguyen Van Cuong – Deputy Director of AMACCAO Concrete Factory said.

Currently, 2 AMACCAO Concrete Plants can produce 4-5 km of drains of all kinds per day. In which, the round culvert has a diameter of 300 – 3,000 mm. As for square culverts, box culverts can be molded with sizes up to 4,000 – 4,500 mm, even cast in place up to 12,300 mm.

AMACCAO concrete culverts with their distinctive blue label printed prominently, with a stylized letter A, have appeared in all constructions across the country. From residential houses to highways such as Hanoi – Lao Cai, Hanoi – Thai Nguyen, Nhat Tan bridge, Van Canh urban area, Lai Chau square, Samsung Thai Nguyen Industrial Park, Nghi Son Economic Industrial Park, Vung Ang economy,…

Today, AMACCAO precast concrete culvert has become a pioneer product of modern technology, applied in the field of precast concrete products production in Vietnam. The appearance of AMACCAO concrete culverts is a symbol, creating a big transition from manual production to industrial-scale production, with the world’s most advanced vibrating dry concrete technology.