development history

AMACCAO Concrete Factory – AVIA Joint Stock Company Branch (a member of AMACCAO Group) was established on October 22, 2008, under business license number 0113024663, is the most modern concrete factory in the North of Vietnam today. . The total investment for the first phase of the factory is 200 billion VND and the second phase is more than 400 billion VND.

Currently, we have 02 factories producing concrete pipes, which are AMACCAO 1 concrete factory with an area of 9.7 hectares in Vien Noi, Van Noi, Dong Anh, Hanoi, and AMACCAO 2 concrete factory with an area of 6 hectares in Kien Khe Town, Thanh Liem, Ha Nam.

AMACCAO Ha Nam Concrete Factory

AMACCAO concrete factory owns the 4 most modern production lines in the world in terms of production technology of vibrating sewer pipes imported from developed countries such as Germany, Italy and the US with a production process that is far superior to other manufacturers. units in the same industry.

In recent times, the factory leadership and invited consultants have always tried their best to produce the best sewer pipe products to serve the national construction projects and help the factory. constantly developing.

AMACCAO Concrete Factory Van Noi – Dong Anh – Hanoi